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  Water Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation

           Get Your Property Back to Normal

You can easily tackle any water damage problems in your property with a quick phone call. With the help of our full-service water damage restoration, your home or workplace will soon be back to normal. Talk to our helpful customer care team as soon as possible and explain what the situation is. Like you, we know that it will only get worse if you don't take immediate action.

Our Water Damage Restoration and Mild Remediation Service Comes With Many Advantages

If you have insurance against water damage / Mold Remediation, you can use our quote to claim it. We can even contact your insurance provider and handle this matter for you. With Us  you get:

  • Customer care service available 24/7

  • A range of flexible booking options

  • Water damage assessment and repair costs report

  • A team of experienced technicians

  • Modern water damage repair methods

We are specializing in water damage restoration and offer the following:

Floor refurbishment:

  • Replace/repair sub-floors

  • Replace carpets

  • Replace vinyl flooring

  • Replace wooden flooring

  • Replace tiled or marble flooring

Electrical works

  • Checking, Inspection, Certification

  • Minor repair works

  • Complete rewiring

Wall refurbishment:

  • Remove affected plaster

  • Re-plaster

  • Re-paint

  • Apply wallpaper

Plumbing works

  • Minor repair works

  • New plumbing systems

  • New heating systems

  • Gas-related plumbing works

Ceiling refurbishment

  • Replace old lath and plaster ceiling with a new plasterboard ceiling

  • Fully replace/patch up plasterboard ceiling

  • Remove affected plaster

  • Re-plaster

  • Re-paint

  • Apply wallpaper

8. Kitchen refurbishment


Did You Know?

  • Put wet books, documents & photographs in the freezer and allow the water to turn into a solid (ice). This will help prevent the pages from warping and the ink from running, and through the process of Sublimation, the paper can be returned as close as possible to its original condition!

  • Electrolytes in water can carry electrical current! Avoid standing or coming into contact with pools of water inside your property.

  • There are 3 main types of dehumidifiers. Using the wrong dehumidifier can significantly hold up a drying job! Water Damage specialists know their dehumidifiers and can ensure that the drying is conducted as swiftly and safely as possible.

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